We have been very pleased with FTPGetter. Being in the radio business,we were looking for a program that would make moving information fromthe studio to the website a quick easy process for all employees. Thescheduler lets us plan our uploads and automate the process withcomplete confidence during all hours of the day. The program is easy touse and powerful. It's a great value!

Ron Fruit
Fruit Broadcasting, LLC

What we needed was a centralised console where we could see all our scheduled file transfers in one place. FTPGetter achieved this. The software surpassed our expectations by giving us the ability to complete transfers securely, it checked for changes in files, renamed files with unique date-time stamps and cleaned up files after a successful transfer; all from one central interface. If you want all the functionality but you need a simple and an intuitive interface that all your support staff can deal with - you will find it hard to beat FTPgetter.

Tommy Hamilton, ICT Network Manager
Freedom Finance PLC

FTPGetter saves us lots of time. At night when everybody is asleepFTPGetter on our servers carries out tasks that would take hours tocomplete. It's sort of like having a free employee working for you, exceptthat FTPGetter does it right all the time. We use it to download updatesfrom a local real estate database and send batches of orders to our remoteemployees' servers.

Matthew Thompson

Our requirement was to automatically move data from one global branch to another from a 3rd party hosted server. FTP getter has enabled us to do this with relative ease. The setup of the parameters is clear and the operation has been reliable so far

Colin Hancox, IT Manager
Global Label printing company

Just wanted to get back to you about FTPGetter. It was exactly what I was looking for to help me manage my weather web site. FTPGetter, retrieves and organizes my web page files from my other online computers and then FTPs them to my web host with ease. It is very flexible and easy to use in scheduling events because weather conditions vary 24/7. I also use FTPGetter to compliement other software's FTP programs because FTPGetter is more powerful. Thanks, great product.

Lynn Hatker

We have numerous FTP job's, specifically for uploading files to variousdifferent clients; both internally and externally. We always hadproblems were the scheduled FTP job's failed because of network relatedor other server related issue's; so there was still a fair amount ofmanual intervention that had to take place. That is now all a thing of the past: The fact that FTP getter runs as aservice is awesome, we can monitor the service, no user needs to belogged on for FTP job's to 'kick-off' ect. FTP getter allows you tocentralize ALL your FTP jobs and monitor it from a single interface;it's so easy; it's basically set and forget! Another 'nifty' addition isthe fact that you can execute any job/script/batch after a FTP job wassuccessful, which means I can immediately delete the files that wasFTP'ed therefore no space will be used by old data...
FTP Getter really made our life's much easier and bought a lot ofadvantages to us, the big thing is that it's easy to setup and it'sbasically set and forget, everything is automated! And: "If for somereason there is something wrong I can go through the log file of eachFTP job and trace exactly what went wrong!

Deon Grobler