Using wildcard characters for processing files by mask

FTPGetter makes it possible to download and upload groups of files using file masks.

Basic file masks

If you need to transfer text files with .txt extension specify the following mask:

*.txt - selects files with .txt extension

File masks work the same way for of other types of files. To select all PHP scripts, for example, specify the following mask:

*.php - selects files with .php extension.

Advanced file masks

If you need more flexibility in specifying the files to be transferred, you can choose files that contain certain characters in their names and extensions. Examples:

2005*.* - selects all files that start with the string '2005' in their names, e.g. 2005.txt, 2005_10.rep, 2005-all.php and so on;

*2005*.txt - selects all files that contain the string '2005' anywhere in their name AND have the .txt extension at the same time. The following files would match this mask: 102005.txt, 200510.txt, 2005.txt, all_2005_all.txt; however, files like 2005_10.rep, 2005-all.php would NOT be selected with this mask because they do not have the .txt extension.

??-??-2005.??? - selects all files with any three-symbol extension AND names that are constructed as follows: 10-10-2005.rep, aa-bb-2005.txt, and so on. Files like 10-10-2005.gz won't match as the extension has only two symbols; 

??[a-z].* - selects all files with any extension AND which names consist of exactly three symbols AND the last symbol is a Latin letter that ranges from a to z. For example, 12a.php, qwe.txt, and match this mask, but 123.txt doesn't match as its last symbol is not from the a-z range;

*[abc].* - selects all files with any extension AND any name length, AND the last symbol in the file's name must be a, b or c. For example, 2005a.txt, 2005c.php, match this mask, but 2005f.txt doesn't as its last symbol is neither a, b nor c.

[^a-z]*.txt - selects all files with .txt extension AND their names do NOT start with symbols from the a-z range. For example, 123.txt, 1_2.php match this mask, but report.php doesn't as its name begins with the symbol r, which is from the a-z range.