FTPGetter Tutorials

The tutorials contain valuable information, hints and tips about operating FTPGetter in the most efficient manner.

Customizing Profiles

Connection properties contain the detailed settings of FTP server connections. Detailed explanations of every option are provided to help you configure the connection to any type of server.

Automation tasks allow creating a task for uploading or downloading files. You can select type of performed operation, select source files, and specify filters and file masks masks for batch processing.

Scheduler allows customizing the built-in scheduler.

Cron-style scheduler - you'll get all the power of the industry-standard cron scheduler.

Multiple file processing allows using inclusion and exclusion filters and masks for uploading or downloading files that meet certain requirements.

Shell scripting allows execute shell commands and scripts remotely.

Terminal Emulator allow you to connect and execute commands on a remote server via the command-line environment.

Using Site Explorer

Site Explorer describes how to operate the built-in Site Explorer. Information is given on using Site Explorer for navigating remote files and folders from the main program window, and uploading and downloading files manually.


FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) protocol ensures that data transfers are securely encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

FTP via SSH tunnel specifies that the connection to an FTP server is made via a secure SSH tunnel.


Auto detection of transfer mode specifies that the file transfer mode is selected automatically depending on the file type file.

FTPGetter as service starts FTPGetter as a Windows service.

Synchronizing Web Sites on a Schedule via FTP/SFTP - If you manage one or more Web sites, you know how difficult and time-consuming the task of regularly uploading, downloading or synchronizing the files can be.